energy optimizers usa flying to the hoop 2014

Energy Optimizers, USA a Proud Sponsor of Flyin’ to the Hoop 2014

The 4-day basketball tournament highlights some of the top basketball players and top teams in the nation and begins Friday January 17th and runs until Monday January 20th.  
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DRG3 Holds Green Fest in Conjunction with Dayton’s Urban Nights May 10th

DRG3 Green Fest is an event in conjunction with Urban Nights on May 10, 2013 in Downtown Dayton brought to you by Dayton Regional Green 3.  Start your Green Fest with learning seminars at the Dayton Engineers Club and networking at River Scape. Finish your day with DRG3’s active and green fun during Urban Nights. Energy Optimizers, USA is a proud sponsor of the speaker events from 2:45-4:45pm.  Seminars:... 

Energy Optimizers, USA Exhibitor in 57th Annual OASBO Workshop & Tradeshow

Energy Optimizers, USA will be a featured exhibitor in this year’s OASBO Workshop and Trade Show. The EOU team is proud to once again participate in the OASBO show in a significant way. Visitors can stop by our booth (#400) and speak to one of our Energy Engineers about how we have been able to save Ohio schools more than $3M in energy costs since 2011. Energy Optimizers, USA will... 

Thanks To All Who Donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters

We would like to take a moment to say, THANK YOU to all those individuals and businesses who contributed to the $2,000 we raised in support of Big Brothers, Big Sisters of the Greater Miami Valley.  
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The 2012 Energy Optimizers, USA Team

We can’t be more proud of our Team! They are the reason that we have been able to successfully help K-12 schools, institutions and companies across the Great State of Ohio save millions of energy dollars. 
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Edgerton Local Schools

“The Energy Optimizers, USA team has been very low-pressure in their approach to helping us determine what is best for our district throughout the sales process. They are not pushy “salesmen” but instead have worked to meet our district needs. They have been very accommodating and responsive in addressing our questions and concerns.” – Andy Morr, Superintendent Edgerton Local Schools 
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Saving Money Every Day#1 The Energy Audit#2 The Savings Proposal#3 Energy Project Financing#4 Schools and HB264
       If you are looking to save millions of dollars in real energy savings over the life of your facilities you are in the right place. Yes, you read that correctly, we can save you millions! Our claim is substantiated with actual case studies from familiar places in Ohio. Welcome to Energy Optimizers, USA. We specialize in helping Ohio schools, government agencies, and commercial/ industrial facilities identify, finance, and implement energy saving projects. We are your turnkey solution to energy savings.        Our objective is to be with you from start to finish. After all, we have delivered over $20 million dollars in vendor-neutral energy savings projects with NO change orders. Here is how we work together to achieve your maximum energy saving potential.
       We start by auditing your energy consumption.        We will evaluate everything from your utility providers, to your lighting, and the 30 items in between.        We will get a complete picture of your building’s energy consumption and your needs.        Increasingly in the last several decades, industrial energy audits have exploded as the demand to lower increasingly expensive energy costs and move towards a sustainable future have made energy audit greatly important. It is important to note, you may be able to get the cost of this audit reimbursed at 100%!
        After we complete the audit we will provide you with a comprehensive binder identifying the costs savings associated with various energy saving proposals.
Some of the items are simple maintenance measures that can be implemented over time. Other projects, such as lighting retrofits, offer such a ROI it is difficult to postpone them.
The report may also contain recommendations on new equipment to replace items approaching the end of their service life.
        We will then help you acquire financing. Your financing can include, utility rebates, energy project loans, performance contracting, grants, and loans. We have experienced personnel available to assist you with all available financing options. The typical payback can be as little as two years.
        School Districts have additional financing resources available to them. House Bill HB264 allows school districts to finance energy saving projects without passing a bond issue or levy. This bill is a specific program allowing energy saving projects to paid over a 15-year period. We can walk you through all the steps necessary to realize this opportunity.
Chris Oaks spoke with Greg Smith, president of Energy Optimizers, USA, based in Dayton.
Q: The renewable energy industry has been booming in Ohio in recent years, more so here than in many other states. Why?
A: There are a few other states where it’s happening, too, but I believe legislators and taxpayers here have embraced these opportunities not just for environmental reasons, but for the economic benefits as well.
To that end, Ohio has created incentives that don’t exist in every state, which promote growth and expansion. As the costs associated with doing business in this sector come down, these incentives help take the industry to the next level.
Q: Your company is an example of this.
A: We work with Ohio K-12 school districts to reduce their operating costs with respect to electricity and natural gas.
We use a state program that has been around since 1989, which allows those districts to borrow the funds to implement these systems as long as they are able to be paid for by the energy savings they create. So, they are upgrades that literally pay for themselves, using money the schools would already be spending on energy for their facilities. Furthermore, we guarantee those savings so the school district and, by extension, the taxpayer, has no risk.
Q: You are part of a trade group known as Environmental Entrepreneurs, or E2 for short, which is lobbying to reinstate federal tax credits for renewable energy that expired at the end of 2013. Many believe this isn’t a viable industry on its own, that it can only survive through subsidies and other government handouts. Is that true?
A: That used to be the case a few years ago, but today it is absolutely not. I did my first solar project with the Bradford School District eight years ago at a cost of $8,000 per kw (kilowatt). Today, that cost is below $2,000. We do get a payback regardless of the incentives.
Q: But if the industry can truly stand on its own, why the need for the tax credits?
A: I understand why people are hesitant about this, why they question it. I’m a fiscal conservative myself, so I get that it has to make sense economically. Like I said, we get a payback already. Once you add the incentives, now you’re down to a four- to six-year payback, and that makes for a very good return on investment. When that happens, you get economic growth. My own business has grown from a single-person operation to an employer of more than 50 people in less than four years. When businesses grow and expand, more jobs are created, which all adds to the tax base.
Q: Of course, you know that it is an uphill battle, especially at the federal level, where the climate lately has been to cut costs wherever possible. Incentives exactly like this have been squarely in the target for elimination. How do you convince lawmakers to see them differently?
A: Again, I get it. I’m a conservative myself, but to me this isn’t about Republicans and Democrats. This is about finding those programs which create the greatest return on investment. More than 78,000 jobs have been created through clean energy incentives in Ohio alone. That’s 78,000 people who are buying cars, homes, furniture, and so on. And at the end of the day, those incentives have very little impact on individual taxpayers. We need to show them the math so they can see it’s a pretty big bang for the buck.
Online: Energy Optimizers USA: Environmental Entrepreneurs: “Good Mornings!” with Chris Oaks airs from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. weekdays on WFIN, 1330 kHz. He can be reached by email at, or at 419-422-4545.

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